2″x24″ Lenticular Filter 1.5″ TC In/Out – Buna Gaskets

2″x24″ Lenticular Filter 1.5″ TC In/Out – Buna Gaskets


The Lenticular filter housing system for buna gaskets is as versatile as filter sheet in plate & frame filter but sanitary, easy to use and easy to change out with minimal product loss and air exposure.

The stainless lenticular filter housing can take diatomite filter, active carbon filter, cellulose filter etc

Fully comply with GMP requirement, professionally mechanical polishing and electrolytic polishing
Internal polish to be Ra< 0.6 um,  external polish to be Ra< 0.8 um
Maximum operating pressure 90 psi
Housing material available in stainless 304 and 316L
O-ring available in EPDM, PTFE, Viton, and Silicone
Suitable for filtration of beer, syrup, fruit juice, and juice concentrate etc
Applicable for food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic filtration


Filter Gasket Style

Single Flat O-Ring

Quantity of filters


Filter Dimensions ( H x D x C)

10.5″ x 11.15″ x 35″






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