300L Jacketed Storage Vessel

300L Jacketed Storage Vessel

Our 300L Stainless Steel Jacketed Storage Vessel come with a 12″ opening and a 6″ bottom for ease of use and access. Each vessel is fully jacketed with 1.5TC” ports to allow circulation of warm or cold fluids. These reactors are great for filtrationchilling solventsmixingwinterization, and even ethanol extraction!
JSV-300L Specifications
Material  304 Stainless Steel
Jacket Connections  1.5″ TC
Top Tri-Clamp Connection  12″ Tri-Clamp
Side Ports (2) 1.5″ TC | 1/2″ Comp. | (2) 3″ TC
Bottom Tri-Clamp Connection  6″ Tri-Clamp
Jacket Capacity 44L
Dimensions 30x30x68″
Weight 300lbs
Caster Weight Limit 440lbs per wheel (1760lbs total)
Height – 6″ Tri-Clamp to Floor 18″


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