-35°C Scientific Freeze Dryer 1-2 Gallons Per Batch / 4L Ice Capacity / 3 Year Warranty


-35°C Scientific Freeze Dryer 1-2 Gallons Per Batch / 4L Ice Capacity / 3 Year Warranty

The USA Lab Scientific Freeze Dryer is not just a regular lab freeze dryer. This unit is equipped with a LCD Touchscreen Display and customizable recipe control. The controller allows you to monitor and allows for controllable shelf temperature during the drying cycle. This Lab Freeze Dryer can be used in many applications. This unit comes with a 3-year warranty!

VPD-265 Included.

• Powerful and fast cooling speed down to -35°C.
• 1-2 Gallons per batch
• High quality UL Listed SECOP compressor.
• Recipe Customization.
• Controllable rate of freezing.
• Controllable freeze temperature.
• Controllable shelf temperature during the drying cycle.
• Controllable shelf heaters for sublimation rate.
• LCD touchscreen controller for easy operation.
• Organic transparent polycarbonate for easy viewing of the process.
• 3 Year warranty with US base parts and support.
• Simple and reliable KF25 connection.
• Stable performance, simple operation, and low noise.


Model USA-SFD-4
Power Requirements 110-120V 1900W 16.5A(20A Required) 1P / 5-20P Plug installed
Cold Trap Temperature -35°C / -31°F
Optimal Operating Conditions 10-25°C / 50-77°F
Relative Humidity ≤70%
Holding Ice Capacity 4 Liters
Batch Amount 1-2 Gallons

Per shelf = 0.12ft3 (207.09in3)

Total = 0.48ft3 (828.36in3)


Compressor Type UL Listed SECOP
Collector Material Stainless Steel
Shelving Material Stainless Steel
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Controller Type LCD Touch Screen
Vacuum Connection KF25
Purge Valve Included – 3/8″ Outlet
Exterior Finish Powder Coated Black Aluminum
Shelving Dimensions 17.7″L x 7.8″W x 1.5″H (4 included)
External Dimensions 25″L x 29″W x 35″H
Weight 248lbs
Shipping Weight ~370lbs
Warranty 3 Years


Model Quantity
USA Lab USA-SFD-4 Freeze Dryer 1
7.8″ x 17.7″ Shelf 4
24″ KF25 Vacuum Line 1
KF25 Clamp 2
KF25 O-ring 2
KF25 to 1/4″ JIC Female 1
Male 1/4″ JIC Union 1
 Manual 1



Pump Specs:
Model VPD-265
Power  110-120V | 60hz | 4.6A | 5-15 Plug
Motor Wattage 550W
Flow Rate 6.5CFM
Ultimate Vacuum 2pa – 15 Microns
Oil Capacity 380mL
Exterior Dimensions 13″L x 6″W x 13″H
Weight 23lbs



USA Lab VPD-265 Vacuum Pump

1 pc

16oz. Vacuum Pump Oil

2 pcs

USA Lab VPD-Filter

1 pc

KF25 Centering Ring

1 pc

KF25 Clamp

1 pc


(VPD-265 Vacuum Pump Included)
Note: We recommend the following pumps for this scientific freeze dryer
Recommended: UVP-5 | VPD-230 | VPD-265
Other Options (not recommended due to low CFM): MZ-2C-NT | MD-4C-NT
Using a larger pump would have to be done separately, not though using the units rear receptacle.

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