45L Centrifuge Turnkey System


45L Centrifuge Turnkey System:

45 liter Centrifuge equipment turnkey system allows users the ability to extract botanical compounds to achieve superb results and separation while maintaining a closed-loop system. The XTC-45 system takes 25-40lbs of biomass and 25-40 gallons of ethanol per batch for approximately 432-675lbs of dry material per 8-hour shift with a single operator. The XTC system comes with two 150L storage vessels for ethanol pre-storage as well as ethanol mixture post storage.


1-45L Jacketed Stainless Steel Centrifuge

1–80°C 100L Recirculating Chiller UC-100/80

2-150L Stainless Steel Jacketed Storage Vessel

2-12″ Hemispherical Lid – 2x 2″ TC – 1x 3″ TC – 2x 1/2″ MNPT – 1x 1/4″ FNPT – 1X 3/8 MNPT

Includes all necessary tubing and fittings! For a larger version, check out the features of our 50l explosion proof rotary evaporator.

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