5lb Closed Loop System


The TRU series is our way of bringing quality, reliability, and accurate systems back to the market. The TRU series is all about maximizing your efficiency for every run. Equipped with a 6″ x 48” spool that truly fits +5lbs  of material, an IRC with a 5 micron sintered disk, ASME certified solvent tank, and to top it off it is completely fitted with Superlok compression fittings and valves. Upgrade to the 5LB TRU closed loop extractor system today and see the USA Lab difference

Process up to 30lbs of material in an 8 hour day

*Systems may have a lead time of 1-2 weeks*


• The material column is 6″x48″ with sight glasses to allow for viewing of up to 10lbs of milled material.
• The CRC is 6″x12″ and comes with a 5 micron sintered disc and sight glasses for clear viewing of the process.
• The CRC has a built in bypass to allow easy bypass of the CRC.
• The collection is an 8″x36″ and 8″x12″ jacketed spool which allows for easy heating and quick cleaning.
• The 3″x 12″ sieve and 10″x10″ coil allow for fast and easy recovery of solvent.
• Rack mounted footprint of 74″ x 39″ x 66″.
• High quality 1/2″ Compression fittings.
• Each vessel has a 1/4″ MJIC Line for connecting nitrogen lines.
• 150psi Cryogenic Pressure relief valves for safe operation.


Max Material 5LB Trim | 10LB of milled material
Material Column Size 6″ x 48″
CRC Size 6″ x 12″ 5UM
Sieve Size 3″ x 12″
Coil Size 10″ x 10″ Bucket
Solvent Tank Size 200LB | 96lb of Butane
Collection Tank Size 8″ x 48″ | 37.42 Liters
Foot print 74″ x 24″ x 66″
Weight 550lbs


Packing List

TRU-5lb System

UL Listed 11CFM UVP-11 Corrosion Resistant 2-Stage Vacuum Pump (Included In passive)

200°C 30L Recirculating Heater RH-30L

40°C 30L Recirculating Chiller UC-30/40 (Included In passive)

Master Vapor Pump 6CFM Recovery Pump (Included in Active System)

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