ChillTrap™ Mechanical Cold Trap Bath -40ºC w/ Glass or KF25 Insert


ChillTrap™ Mechanical Cold Trap Bath -40ºC w/ Glass or KF25 Insert

The ChillTrap™ mechanical cold trap can effortlessly capture and remove condensable vapors, solvents, and impurities from your samples or systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliable results. Our cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship make our cold trap a game-changer in the field of cryogenic trapping.

The ChillTrap™ boasts an impressive -40°C temperature, providing a highly effective cold trapping environment for a wide range of applications. It efficiently freezes and condenses volatile substances, preventing their escape and maintaining the integrity of your samples or equipment.

The ChillTrap™ comes with an option of 3 glass inserts with 3/8″ barbs or the option to use a steel base with KF25 ports.


MCT-40 Specifications
Temperature Controller LCD Touch screen
Temperature Range Ambient to -40°C (-40°F)
Dimensions External LxWxH 18.18″ x 22.04″ x 27.95″ (465x560x710mm)
Weight 106lbs (48 kg)
Material Internal Stainless Steel
Material External Steel Plate with Powder Heating Coated
Glass Trap Option Openable Glass Trap ×3ea ( 3/8 barb)
Steel Trap Option Sealed stainless insert w/ 2 KF25 ports
Power 110V, 60Hz


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