Glycol Fan Coils: TRIPLE FAN COIL

Utilizing the existing glycol chiller infrastructure, G&D’s Glycol circulated Fan Coils are designed and built to your precise space cooling requirement. Whether used as a stationary fan in your standard cold room setting or as a portable space cooling solution to take the edge off, G&D’s Glycol Circulated Fan Coil allows you to put your chiller to work in multiple ways.


  • Wide capacity range
  • Portable units come on non-corrosive stainless steel platform
  • Portable units come complete with quick disconnect glycol connections with integrated temperature controls and electronic valve assembly
  • Ruggedly constructed cabinets are easily installed from ceiling
  • Electric defrost for low temperature rooms
  • Available stainless housing and coated coil options for high corrosive environments
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • 4 and 6 fins per inch spacing
  • Die-formed pattern aluminum cabinet and drain pan
  • Aluminum drain pan and cabinet
  • Coated, corrosion proof wire fan guards
  • Compartmented fan sections
  • Totally enclosed, lifetime lubricated PSC motors

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