Jacketed Diamond Miner – 6″ & 12″

Jacketed Diamond Miner – 6″ & 12″

The Jacketed Diamond Miner is used for crystallizing botanical extracts into live resin terpene-rich sauce.
The SS304 stainless steel diamond miner eliminates the need of mason jars and adds safety to the degassing procedure. Diamond mining is the crystallization of specific compounds that occurs when the compounds are suspended in a solution under specific temperatures and pressures. The premium extractor lid is pre-assembled and nitrogen tested for leaks to ensure the customer receives a leak and worry-free part to use on their extraction system. Remove the splatter platter to easily remove diamonds from your sauce mix. Glycerin filled compound gauge gives you an easy readout of pressure inside the vessel.
Diamond Miner Specifications
Model 6″ 12″
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Optimal Capacity 1.5L 10.5L
Maximum Capacity 2L 12L
ASME Safety Pressure Relief Valve 50 PSI
Ball Valve 1/2″ & 1/4″ Superlok Compression
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) 50PSI
Tempature Range – 30° F to 250° F
Compound Pressure Gauge -30 PSI to 150 PSI
Top Connections for 6″ (4) 1/4″ Compression Superlok and (3)1.5″ TC
Top Connections for 12″ (4) 1/2″ Compression | (2) 2″ TC | (1) 3″ TC
Pressure Tested Yes

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