Neocision Spectra Explorer LED Grow Light


Our Neocision Spectra Explorer grow light fixture is designed for a full grow cycle with maximized red for increased photosynthesis. Ideal for 2’ x 4’ tent environments for increased consistency and yield.

Neocision Spectra Explorer Cutsheet

Performance, Specs, Ranking


Efficacy up to 2.56 Micromoles / J @120 VAC
Industry Leading Horticulture LEDs
RJ Port for Plug and Play Control Systems
Fast and Easy Installation
7 Year Limited Warranty on Fixture
8 Year Limited Warranty on Driver


PPF Efficacy: 2.56 at 120VAC
Photon Flux (µmol/s) (400-700nm): 870
Photon Flux Blue (µmol/s) (400-500nm): 161
Photon Flux Green (µmol/s) (500-600nm): 355
Photon Flux Red (µmol/s) (600-700nm): 355
Total Blue/Red – Energy Bands: 516
% Blue: 18.51%
% Green: 40.76%
% Red: 40.73%
Power Consumption: 340W AC
Driver: Sosen
Power Factor: >0.95
Surge Protection: 6 KV
120V: 2.90 A
208V: 1.75 A
240V: 1.51 A
277V: 1.31 A
Fixture Size (driver mounted on the fixture): (L) 43.7” x (W) 22” x (H) 4.1”
Fixture Size (without driver): (L) 43.7” x (W) 22” x (H) 1.6”
Power Supply Dimension: (L)18.7” X (W) 4.4” X (H) 2.4”
Driver Net Weight: 6 lb.
Fixture Net Weight: 6 lb.
Mounting Height >6” above canopy
Beam Angle 120 Degree
Input Voltage 100 – 277 VAC
Manual Dimming Knob Yes
Built In Control Ports Yes
Standard Power Cord (Extensions available) AWG 18, 6 Foot
Standard Plug 120 VAC – NEMA 5-15P
Substitute Plugs (Upon request at order for bulk purchases) 240 VAC, 277 VAC, Pigtails
Adjustable Height Hanging Kit Included Yes
Fixture Warranty 7 Years Limited
Driver Warranty 8 Years Limited
ETL Safety Certified
Conforms to UL 1598:2018 Ed.4Certified to CSA C22.2#250.0:2018 Ed.4*ETL Safety Certified No. 5020070



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