Non Jacketed Solvent Tank – 100LB

Non Jacketed Solvent Tank – 100LB

Our solvent laboratory tank comes fully optimized with top tier quality features to make them the best solvent tanks on the market. The lid comes one port, and 2x Borosilicate Sight Glasses for easy viewing and full customization. Our solvent tanks also come with durable locking legs and casters as well as a 1.5″ High Pressure Tri-Clamp Drain for easing emptying and draining.
Upgrade your solvent tank today at an affordable price point and see why these tanks are a favorite in the industry
Non-Jacketed Solvent Tank Specifications
Material/Rating 304 Stainless Steel
Pressure Rating 150PSI
Size 200lb of Water | 96.16lb of Butane | 90.72L of Water
100lb of Water | 48.08lb of Butane | 45.36L of Water
Tank Dimensions 200lb: 14″ x 46″
100lb: 12″ x 36″
Top Connections (3x 1/2″ FNPT), (1x 1/4″ FNPT), (2x 1.5″ TC), (1x 6″ TC)
6″ Lid Connections 1x 1/2″ Dip Tube
Drain Size 1.5″ Tri-Clamp
Exterior Dimensions 21″L x 22″W x 65″H


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