Rye Berries – Mycology Grade Organic Grain

Rye Berries – Mycology Grade Organic Grain

Rye Berries

Mycology Grade


Using Rye Berries for your grain offers some excellent advantages for your mushroom spawn. Rye berries have exceptional nutrient-rich composition.  Rye berries contain high levels of carbohydrates, protein, and other essential nutrients that mushrooms need to grow and thrive. This means that you can expect robust and healthy mushroom growth when using rye berries as your spawn substrate.

Rye berries are the most common and number one used substrate for grain spawn.  Rye berries can be used to propagate mycelium for almost all species of mushrooms.  Rye berries are also easy to sterilize and have good moisture retention.

Prior To Use: Wash grain to separate dust and debris.

Product Information : This grain is sourced from the heartland of America, direct from the grain bins of the Midwest. This grain may contain weevils and lesser grain weevils. This is not uncommon for raw unwashed grain. During autoclave operations these hitchhikers will die off and are not commonly perceived as harmful in the mycology community. There Also there may be some small debris like stems and other grains that made their way in during the harvesting process.




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