FYRA Vacuum Regulator | 10 millitorr to 6 Torr | 2 Sensors for Roughing Pump + System, UL, CSA,CE

FYRA Vacuum Regulator | 10 millitorr to 6 Torr | 2 Sensors for Roughing Pump + System, UL, CSA,CE with WIFI


FYRA gives you the essence of versatility with a touchscreen or dial interface.  This FYRA bundle delivers vacuum system and roughing pump monitoring and control from 10 mT to 6 Torr. Ideal for for research and distillation systems.

FYRA distillation vacuum controller – DigiVac’s Latest Innovation

Vacuum Science Simplified

We know vacuum applications can get complicated. FYRA was created to deliver scientific measurement and vacuum control simply with easy integration into almost any system in the market.

The DigiVac FYRA distillation vacuum controller is a digital vacuum instrument that is highly configurable and capable of driving multiple types of sensors (piezo, thermal, active, passive, and capacitance manometers). It employs a 3.9” capacitive touch screen and includes a tactile knob to easily interact with the vacuum gauge functions. FYRA can intuitively display and manage multiple sensors and control points. Includes a USB output for vacuum data documentation and file saving to your laptop.

This FYRA vacuum controller bundle includes a high throughput bellows valve for throttle control as well as 2 thermocouple sensors to monitor the vacuum pressure at the roughing pump as well as the system. Alternatively, this set-up can be used to monitor both sides of a 2 Head Distillation set-up and you can use a Bullseye Precision Gauge to monitor the pressure at the roughing pump.

Package Includes:

  • FYRA Vacuum Controller
  • (2) Agilent 536 KF25 Thermocouple Sensors and driver cards
  • (1) Bellows-type Throttle Valve and driver card
  • Options: WiFi
  • Optional: Installation Kit (Aluminum Wing Clamps + Stainless Steel/Viton Centering Rings)

Bellows KF25 Valve: works by throttling the pressure between the vacuum pump and the process to control the vacuum level or to isolate the vacuum pump | Enables vacuum pressure control a solenoid valve for throttling pump suction

  • Control Range: 10 millitorr to 6 Torr
  • Measurement Range: 1 millitorr to 760 Torr
  • Range with accuracy: 10 millitorr to 6 Torr
  • Benefits of Bellows Throttle Control:  With the KF25 1″ orifice you get better and faster throughput | ideal for processing high volumes | Extends life of pump by enabling pump to run closer to it’s base pressure

Optional WiFi Connection
View pressure in real time through, and log data through the USB interface.

Choose Digivac for your Distillation needs.

Example of a FYRA Application

  • Distillation Vacuum Controller Applications— R&D: Vacuum Ovens,  Vacuum Furnaces, Vacuum Bagging or Composites
  • Botanical Processing: Rotary Evaporation, Short Path Distillation (1 Head Kit), Extractions
  • Use Case Example— To maintain specific pressure levels in a vacuum oven at about 2 Torr to avoid removing target terpenes and only removing water

Short Path Distillation Summary

Short path distillation is a process that occurs after extraction. It is a type of botanical processing, generally utilized for the molecular separation of botanical fluids to achieve high potency. “Short path” refers to the short distance the oil travels, relative to the notoriously large industrial distillation units most people know. Wiped film distillation is a type of short path distillation.

Read our Distillation Application Note

Vacuum for Short Path Distillation

One of the primary purposes of using vacuum in distillations is to lower the temperature required to achieve a boiling point. The target product in a distillation could either be the remaining product, the distilled product, or a purified product. The vacuum associated with a distillation depends on the product to be distilled. Volatile substances are likely to undergo vacuum distillations above 1 Torr. Composite distillations typically require precise pressure control in the region above 1 Torr.


User Manual

Data Sheet

DV Cup Cheat Sheet



FYRA distillation vacuum controller


Technical Specifications
Units Torr, mbar, kPa, microns, millitorr, mmHg, Hectopascal
Control Range 1E-4 – 1000 Torr
Dimensions 6.5″x6.5″x2.5″
Telemetry Options USB, WiFi, 0-10 volts DC, Analog out, 0-10 volts DC Analog in
Sensor Support MKS Convectron: 275071 (1/8″ NPT), 275203 (KF16);   DigiVac: SEN-VGT500, SEN-775i, Quantum (SEN-DPP, SEN-DCP, SEN-DPCP);  Pfeiffer: PKR251, IKR251;   Agilent: FRG700, PCG-750, PCG700, 531, 536, 531 equivalent, or PVG 500;   Setra: 730 capacitance manometers;   Inficon: PSG500, PSG550, Porter, SKY, Stripe, MAG, MPG & MPG400
Valve Support Dinamo, VacStable (Bleed), Solenoid-type Bellows and Plunger, 24V valves that are less than 24 Watts




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