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Premium Electrical Kit CPM3

  • PLC
  • Motor Starter
  • UL Listed Control Panel
  • Variable Speed drive
  • Air Sensor control
  • Air detection sensor
  • E STOP For service
  • Emergency Purge Button
This control will comply with CID1 booth and Extraction booths to increase the air volume for 10% of the LEL and 25% of the LEL (Lower Explosion Limit per NFPA Requirements) Sensor sold separately Part#CPM3 Order our CPM2 variant for more.



Inlet Make Up Air Fan Kit 24″ Outside Mounted

MODEL HD Make Up Air fan is a direct drive, tube axial exhauster with the motor in the airstream. Capacities range from 1182 to 63,475 CFM and up to ¾ inch static pressure. The compact design provides easy installation. The HDD is designed to operate in any position and is furnished with mounting flanges on both ends for easy installation. All propellers are balanced to grade G6.3by AMCA 204. Heavy duty, all welded uncoated aluminum propeller is standard non sparking blades

Standard 1HP Motor 208,220V Or 480V


CPM3 upgrade required for this selection*********

  • Standard Motor 1HP 208,220V Or 480V
  • Plenum and filter Kit included
  • Flange ring
  • Nuts and screw accessories 
  • Assembly instruction included 




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