Arometrix Extraction Finder Sensor



Arometrix Extraction Finder Sensor


Arometrix Extraction Finder Sensor

Description (includes sensor!)

The Arometrix Sensor Housing

  • Houses and includes the sensor pre-installed, fully enclosing it from hazardous environments
  • Can be easily installed in-line on 1.5” or 2” sanitary flange tri-clamp connections, typically between the extractor’s material column and the collection tank
  • Can also be installed and utilized for other industrial processes with metal connections (distillation, chromatography, conversion reaction, etc.)
  • C1D1-compliant

The Arometrix Ultra-Sensitive Sensor

  • Utilizes UV fluorescence spectroscopic technology
  • Safely resides inside of a high-pressure sensor housing
  • Connects and transmits via 30′ sensor cable to the digital display (display and display power supply not included)
  • Plug and play – instantaneously analyzes the mixture flowing through the processing machine
  • 10X more sensitive than our standard sensor model
  • Intrinsically safe; utilizes UL components


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