Lab Package: Model C Lab and 5LB Closed Loop Active extractor

Lab Package: Model C Lab and 5LB Active Closed Loop Extractor! 


Model C Lab Dimensions : 10′ W x 10′ H x 10′ L

  • LEL Gas detection System
  • Fire Rated Front door
  • AEL High Velocity exhaust system
  • Standard CP200 Control Panel
  • Dual Audio and Visual Alarm system
  • High Efficiency Filtration system
  • Self Luminous Exit Hardware
  • Professional Peer reviewed design

5lb Closed Loop extraction system 

Packing List

TRU-5lb System

UL Listed 11CFM UVP-11 Corrosion Resistant 2-Stage Vacuum Pump (Included In passive)

200°C 30L Recirculating Heater RH-30L

40°C 30L Recirculating Chiller UC-30/40 (Included In passive)

Master Vapor Pump 6CFM Recovery Pump (Included in Active System)




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